Are you aware of the role of a Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner does a lot more than you would imagine. Today let me enlighten you about the potential role of an ace wedding planner in Patiala, The Wedding Umbrella!

Wedding planners play an important role in the execution of successful and memorable weddings. Check out the list below of some of the wedding planner duties that are extremely important for planning and executing a successful wedding:

1. Initiated Family Mediation:

Weddings invoke strong emotions among all people involved including family members and friends. A good wedding planner makes sure all the members involved are on the same page and are positively contributing to make it a grand success.

2. Select Design Elements That Are in Vogue:

Good wedding planners are well informed about the latest trends and styles that are in vogue. Hence, they are able to ideate and offer the best designs and color combinations in terms of décor and design for the wedding events. This is one of the strongest areas of The Wedding Umbrella, a brand which started as a stand-alone design and décor company and is for obvious reasons recognized as the best wedding decorators in Patiala.

3. Manage Wedding Finances:

A good wedding planner will start with planning your budget and then move on to building the entire wedding project within the constraints of the planned figures. Another important role of the wedding planner is to organize the payment plans to various vendors while keeping in mind the cash flows of the client.

4. Offer Fashion Input and Expertise:

One of the key strengths of The Wedding Umbrella is the fact that one of its founding members is an ex Miss India finalist who has walked the India fashion week for the top designers in India. This is an invaluable service that clients get with The Wedding Umbrella while choosing the right trousseau, jewelry and make up for the bride and the family members.

5. Schedule Your Wedding Meetings:

A professional wedding planner is always two steps ahead, so as to take on the task of scheduling all vendor or venue meetings leading up to the big day.

6. Send Off Invitations:

Not interested in compelling your bridesmaid or other family members to help stuff, stamp and send off all your invitations? This is where an expert wedding planner comes to your rescue. The professional team of The Wedding Umbrella is well equipped to take care of such time-consuming details so that you can enjoy every second of your special moments.

7. Plan the Perfect Experience For Guests:

Perfection lies in detailing, and that is what a good planner will do to make your guests remember your wedding forever. The Wedding Umbrella’s management services will help you to coordinate details like travel, hotel room bookings, check in services, ticketing, pick up and drops, while you are able to sit back and relax.

Above mentioned points are some of the few reasons for you to hire the best event management companies in Patiala.

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