Destination Weddings

The Indian wedding industry is growing by leaps and bounds and Destination weddings are leading the charge in terms of this unprecedented growth.  

The keyword in this exciting story is personalization.  The to be couples are looking for newer locations with waterfront properties, ancient forts that provide the perfect match for a royal wedding.  Apart from locations, the millennials are also looking for highly personalized services in terms of Décor, Hospitality, F&B, entertainment and so on.  

This is how The Wedding Umbrella’s Signature Destination Weddings services have been crafted while keeping in mind all of these personalized demands of the millennials. Our goal is to make sure that your wedding truly reflects your individual personality.  Our team works diligently to guide you at every step so that on your wedding day, you are absolutely relaxed while you have the assurance of the best services and standards. 

Our exclusive personalized service is carefully designed to match all of your destination wedding planning needs.  Starting from planning and onsite coordination of events, to planned guest activities, everything is taken care of flawlessly.  Our expert wedding planners and travel experts will be there to make you comfortable from the moment you land at your destination and till you fly back with loads of beautiful memories.

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