Design & Decor

Visuals play an important role in all things related to weddings. Hence, Design and Décor for obvious reasons are essential for making the wedding an affair to remember. As in other areas of expertise, design and décor are best handled by a team of professionals who are passionate and have the right exposure to be able to understand design, color, and fashion.

The Wedding Umbrella’s core strength has been Design and Décor. When it comes to creative wedding decor, leave everything to us and be rest assured that you will get a wedding just like you had imagined it to be. The Wedding Umbrella carefully understands your vision first, and then moves into conceptualizing the design with our in-house team of expert and creative designers. Whatever your vision maybe, vintage-floral, traditional, quirky-Indian or breezy-blues – all the décor, including the color palette, lighting, floral set-ups, table décor, and installations, will resonate as one creative impression.
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