5 Traits of an ace Wedding Planner!

The wedding is a onetime affair and planning this big event takes massive organizational skills. Scroll down to have a look at five best qualities of one of the best event management companies in Delhi which is, The Wedding Umbrella.

The wedding is not just a one-day affair, but it plays a prominent role in striking the emotional chord in the people involved in it. Since everyone wishes a dream wedding, trying to host it single-handedly can create a fuss. There are a lot of tiny details and steps that make the wedding a memorable one. This is where the professional planning team comes into the scenario.

Wondering what makes them so valuable? Well, let’s have a look below:


Planning a successful wedding event takes a lot of effort and ace organizational skills. It takes into account:

-The track of the payment for all vendors.

-Detailed and thorough notes on each vendor have contracted services and products.

-The complete record of the timeline that will guide them on the big day.

-Keeping track of what’s been done, as well as executing the next steps.


Being recognized as an ace wedding planner requires a creative mindset and the ability to think out of the box that will potentially serve the modern day desire of a fairytale wedding. The experienced team of The Wedding Umbrella is not only able to organize everything logistically but also helps the brides to plan their dream wedding with unique elements.

3. A good communicator:

Planning a wedding needs excellent written as well as verbal communication skills. From the couples to the vendors as well as their loved ones, there is a lot of “talking” that takes place during the whole planning process. Hence, the ability to communicate potentially is imperative.

4. Good handling ability:

Wedding is an emotional affair and tempers can easily flare on occasion. An ace wedding planner is the one who potentially and effectively manages the whole event keeping any uncertainty at bay. When things get tense, they remain calm, professional and pleasant, while informing the others or getting your point across. They are a people person who can communicate effectively, and further will also help you build a professional relationship with vendors.

5. Budget Savvy:

One of the prominent qualities of the best wedding planner is that they are budget savvy and are aware that the budget is the primary thing that drives force behind any wedding. In most cases, couples may or may not know the cost of the flowers, catering or wedding photography. The professional managers are responsible for creating and managing their budget as well as choosing the best vendors. The Wedding Umbrella is also considered as the best wedding decorators in Delhi too for their ace performance. We educate couples on various costs and help them to set realistic expectations and budgets. Discussing the budget can be an awkward conversation to have, but it is also one of the most crucial parts of the whole process.

If you are looking for the best wedding planner in Delhi to make yours a big hit, then The Wedding Umbrella is the right option for you.

We are a team of professional experts who have been organizing top-notch and successful events for the past couple of years now. We potentially craft out the plan before executing our most excellent services to each client. We cater to the customized requirements of the couples within their budget. We integrate and distribute each task to the respective professional expert who then looks after the matter conclusively. If you want to make your big day a memorable one, feel free to contact us today to know about our services in details.

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