Traditionally, the word ‘trousseau’meant ‘bundle’ in French, which referred to a treasured package that was meant to be given to the bride containing silverware, linen, towels chinaware and clothes. Nowadays, the meaning of a bridal trousseau has widened. Today, it can include anything from diet accessories all the way up to home furnishing items.

Here are some trousseau must-haves for the brides of 2019.Read on and learn to nail your trousseau shopping:

1.Look Good
First and foremost, your clothes.You’ll need a bunch of outfits considering all the new family and friends you will be meeting. Just keep a healthy balance between Indian and western wear and formal and casual wear.You will also need new clothes for your honeymoon, so don’t forget to pack those in as well, with the weather in mind.

Pro-tip: Brides usually forget packing in a super comfortable night suit and a swimsuit.

2. Smell Even Better
What comes after looking good? Smelling good. You might want to stick to your trusted old scent you wore when you were a ‘Miss’, but sometimes, indulging in a new fragrance helps mark your transition towards a new life.

Pro-tip: Only go perfume shopping who knows you and your taste.

3. Make room for make-up
To complement your brand new clothes, you need new make-up. From party make-up to your everyday essentials, pack them all in a vanity box. While you remember to pack all of this in, don’t forget the absolute essentials – a nail cutter and manicure kit.

Pro-tip: Shopping for a trousseau make-up doesn’t necessarily call for an image makeover. Try not to be overtly experimental.

4. Walk with the basics
Basic never goes out of fashion. Go ahead and pack some comfortable and pretty footwear as part of your bridal trousseau, but remember; both ethnic and western, again. Black pumps, silver juttis, golden kolhapuris, nude peep-toes, white heels and brown wedges are just some to get you started.

Pro-tip: Wait for the annual sale to hit the stores, before venturing out.

5. Clutch that
Here again, stick to the three basic colours- black, silver and gold. When you have these three clutches and you are ready to roll into any occasion. Try buying simple ones so that they can go with your suits, sarees, gowns and even western party wear.

Pro-tip: Save time and purchase things that don’t need ‘trying’ online. You get some great deals too.

6. Jewellery
Any wedding trousseau is just incomplete without the perfect jewellery to go with thosegorgeous outfits. That is what sets the bride apart from everyone else. It’s going to be your day after all, so go for a design and style that you like best –be it a pearl necklace, kundanbangles, silverjhumkas, golden kadas oreven a diamonds ring.

Pro-tip: Jewellery is an investment, so go for things that you are absolutely certain of wearing.

7. All things wellness
Whether you are a gym-freak bride or just someone who likes to have her cup of green tea after meals, don’t forget to purchase all your necessary items. A new gym bag, sipper, yoga mat, your brand of green tea, aromatic candles are a few to get you started.

Pro-tip: While you get all your essentials in place, learn to save a bit here and there. Sports equipment such as a pair of dumbbells doesn’t necessarily have to be brand new.

Last, but not the least, it always helps to have a #TeamBride in place who can help you around with your shopping, sorting and packing and still manage to keep it fun and lively. That’s all, to-be-brides! You ladies are fully prepped to go out there and start shopping.